Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain

We will cut costs and inefficiency in the auto industry for individuals and businesses alike.

Soft Cap
$ 4 000 000
Hard Cap
$ 12 000 000
Private Presale
Public Presale

We will bring safety and power back to the people in the most innovative global consumer-oriented industry.

Car Owners
  • Cheaper car insurance
  • Lower costs for repairs and maintenance
  • Better car-related service quality
Car Entrepreneurs
  • Cheaper rates for car leasing and rental
  • Lower carsharing partnership fees
  • Easier to set up business
  • Cheaper car rides
  • Safer and better maintained cars
Buyers of Pre-Owned Cars
  • Complete and transparent car history
  • More informed buying options
Sellers of Pre-Owned Cars
  • Higher asking price for well-maintained car
  • Complete and transparent car history
Repair Shops
  • Optimized capacity utilization
  • Optimized customer retention
Producers and Distributors of Spare Parts
  • Advantages over counterfeit spare parts market
  • Transparency in monitoring and honoring warranties
Insurance Companies
  • Claim management efficiency
  • Precise customer-oriented pricing for policies
  • Improved oversight over quality and pricing for collision repair
Fleet Managing Companies
  • Cost reduction for vehicle maintenance and repairs
  • Operational cost reduction and interoperability with business partners
Car Leasing Companies
  • Reduction of vehicle maintenance costs
  • Reduction of vehicle repair costs
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Interoperability with business partners
Car Manufacturers
  • Reductions of costs on warranty claims
  • Honoring of recommended maintenance and repair prices
  • Strengthening customer loyalty
  • Car ownership records
  • Lien records on cars
  • Insurance and maintenance records on encumbered vehicles
Car Dealers
  • Car ownership records
  • Repair and maintenance records
  • Purchase records
State Registries
  • Vehicle maintenance records
  • History of traffic fines
  • History of vehicle tax
  • Records of ownership rights
ICO Terms

If you want to buy tokens for 100 ETH or more please send an email with your contact information and planned investment amount to and we will get back to you with special terms.

1 ETH = 650 VLB
Special Terms
650 VLB
Private Pre-sale
  • 17.12.17
  • 05.02.18
+30%/195 VLB
650 VLB
Public Pre-sale
  • 05.02.18
  • 12.03.18
+20%/130 VLB
650 VLB
Period 1
  • 12.03.18
  • 19.03.18
+10%/65 VLB
650 VLB
Period 2
  • 19.03.18
  • 26.03.18
+4%/26 VLB
650 VLB
Period 3
  • 26.03.18
  • 02.04.18
650 VLB
Period 4
  • 02.04.18
  • 09.04.18

Token Sale Ends


Blockchain Ready


Blockchain Tested in Real Business Ecosystems


VLB Network Decentralizing and Expanding

Token Allocation
  • Bounty, advisors
    10m VLB
  • Team and project development
    20m VLB
  • Funding Round A (ICO)
    30m VLB
  • Funding Rounds B&C
    (Private, base price > 650VLB = 1ETH)
    115m VLB
Use Of Proceeds
  • Design, development, and programming of blockchain algorithms
  • Integration of Industry Participants
  • PR and Marketing
  • General and Administrative (G&A)
  • Other costs, including preparing and organizing future rounds for funding
How will Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain work?
Oskar Hartman

VLB Co-Founder

Hannes Chopra

VLB Advisor, ex-CEO of Sberbank Insurance, ex-CEO of Allianz-Rosno Insurance

Vladimir Lupenko

VLB Co-Founder, CarFix Co-Founder

Our Team
Oskar Hartman


Paul Nazarov


Vladimir Lupenko


Core team
Maxim Manturov


Peter Kalambet

Blockchain Development Team Leader

Ilyas Taitsenov

Head of business development

Denis Tanaev

Head of product development

Alexander Kucherov

Head of Sales

Sergey Lushin

Operations Officer

Hannes Shariputra Chopra

Ex-CEO of Sberbank Insurance

Sergey Solonin

CEO and founder of QIWI Group

Nitin Gaur

Director at IBM Blockchain Labs

Alexey Arkhipov

Director for crypto-technologies at QIWI

Roberto Medrano

CEO of Beach View Capital

Artem Sitnikov

Partner at Financial Consulting Group

Dentons US LLP

Venture Technology

Elvira Tulvik

Partner at Magnusson


Legendary Bitcointalk forum user